Club History

Queensferry Boat Club was founded in 1957 to promote the interests of sailing, motorboating, or just pottering about in boats, in and around Queensferry. At that time the harbour was the focal point for boat owners. Port Edgar was still a Naval base, ferries ran to North Queensferry from the Hawes Pier and the nearest club on the south shore was at Cramond.

Most boats in the harbour were motor boats, but two trots in the centre of the harbour provided for smaller sailing boats and dinghies.  A Club premises was obtained from the Burgh Council – a vacant 2-storey property on the shore to the east of the harbour, accessed from the High street and the shore at Old Post Office Close. 

Members of the Club provided for themselves a Lounge, Changing facilities and Committee room as well as a Workshop where several boats were built and a viewing deck from which to manage races. Just to the east of the Harbour a dinghy park was formed which together with a railway and winch provided even greater facilities.

Most weekends in the season would mean an open Regatta somewhere on the Forth and Queensferry Regatta, in its heyday could attract over one hundred entries. For many years during the 60’s the Club successfully ran a cadet section that, under the supervision of Capt Mason, the superintendent of the Ferries, provided instruction during the winter and sailing in a 27ft ex-navy whaler during the summer.

Dinghy facilities were later provided on the west side of Hawes Pier but with the acquisition of Port Edgar by the local authority and the development of sailing there, the Club reverted once again to the Harbour as the main focus for membership activity. This had over time, changed from motor boating to yachting. With the re-organisation of local government in 1974 Edinburgh District Council and later, The City of Edinburgh Council allowed the Club to take over the management of the harbour. Mooring arrangements were modified to provide a total of thirty-five berths.

In 1985 the size of the Club premises was reduced with the sale of the ground floor area, leaving the enlarged Lounge, kitchen area, store and toilet on first floor.

The Club celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2007 with various events including a formal dinner and public exhibitions. With just over one hundred members, the Club still provides cruising and racing events, and a varied social programme in the winter months for anyone with an interest in boating.


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